Sunday, June 5, 2011

Circlelord Greek Key-Swirls Border

This Giant Template has a Two Part Greek Key pattern and a Two Part Spirals pattern.

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One part of Spirals pattern and two parts of Greek Key below

Sample Pattern Combinations Below

You can see the basic spiral chain and the swirls when the echo is added.
There is the echo used by itself.
The Greek Key is done with both halves and with only one half.

Quilting by Georgene
Quilt by Carmen

The Greek Key height is 2.8" and 3.8" for 3" and 4" borders.

The Swirls basic spiral chain is 2.5" and the 3.5 inch.
With both echoes, they become 3.1" and 4.3"

The smaller Greek Key string is 2.6" for 1 pass, and 2.8 for both passes.
The larger Greek Key string is 3.2" for 1 pass, and 3.6 for both passes.

Greek Key Swirls Border 15" x 42" per section
Queen - 2 sections - 84" -
Queen+1/2 - 2+1/3 sections - 110" -
King - 3 sections - 126" - Reg.

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